Top 5 Celebrity Dudes and Where to Spot Them

Celebrity Travel — By Amy Widdowson on October 1, 2009 at 9:50 am

Being a celebrity can be tough. Cameras follow your every move, typical guy behavior gets you written up in Star magazine, and one drunken night after a break up can brand you forever as a womanizer. What’s a celebrity dude to do?

Luckily for celebs, there are plenty of places friendly to all things Bro, allowing every famous male to indulge his inner Dude, whether it’s in front of the camera or not. Here are the Top 5 Celebrity Dudes, and Where to Spot Them.

The Hippie DudeMaui and Malibu

You know him – the Dude with the wicked tan, surfer shoulders, and occasionally enviable mane of hippie hair. Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson, the epitome of Hippie Dude Bromance, have been spotted playing golf, frolicking in the sea, and enjoying dinners out in Maui. ( has a photo essay detailing their travel exploits here. Check out their other Hippie Bromances vacations at People Magazine:

Bonus hippie dudedom-in-training: Check out ultra Hippie Dude Matthew McConaughey’s little Dude Levi, playing on the beach in Malibu. Barely walking, this mini-Dude is already breaking hearts and taking names!

Sporting DudeNew York

There are certain dudes that can exude their physical prowess from beneath a three-piece suit, dudes who make you feel guilty for getting winded walking up the Spanish Steps. When in New York City, watch for Sporting Dudes getting their athlete on throughout the streets of Manhattan. Check out a Rangers Game at Madison Square Garden for some hot Sean Avery Action (maybe he’ll hit someone!), finangle your way into the Costume Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to envy Tom Brady‘s ability to rock the tux, and try and keep up with Lance Armstrong in the New York Marathon (hint: you probably can’t).

CanuckleDudeVancouver and Toronto

With Fringe burning up the airwaves, Vancouver was proud to welcome home native son Joshua Jackson to film Season 2 on her cloudy shores. Out east, Ryan Reynolds, a fellow Vancouverite by birth, often graces the stage at MuchOnDemand (kind of Canada’s TRL) at MuchMusic HQ on Queens Street West in Toronto to chat about his latest projects.

VEGAS!!! DudeLas Vegas

Boxing, drinking, showgirls, and high stakes gambling seem to guarantee a level of Celebrity dudeness throughout this ‘should-be-desert’ locale, but it still astounds just how many male celebrities end up getting in trouble here. The Hangover has nothing on real life, what with Entourage-like trips to Vegas on the minds of all young stars. Please note: Now that Celebrity Octo-Dad Jon Gosselin is hosting poolside parties at the MGM Grand, the actual cool-dude quotient of Vegas may have drastically decreased.

Dude-GooderCannes, New Orleans, Charleston

You know him – the guy you went to college with who somehow managed to save disabled puppies while maintaining a 4.0 GPA and starring in the campus musical, growing up to be a generally all-around nice guy. When not accepting awards at Cannes, Dude-Gooder Extraordinaire Brad Pitt, can be found promoting his New Orleans charity, Make it Right. When Stephen Colbert, originally from Charleston, SC, takes breaks from roasting stupid politicians on the Colbert Report, he serves on the Board of Directors of, a national charity dedicated to getting school supplies in the hands of Public School teachers around the country.

And a bonus!

Smarter-than-DudeOxford and Seattle

If you’re looking to have someone talk nerdy to you, head to Oxford and wander one of the beautiful campuses. Here, aspiring Poitic-Dudes try to follow in the footsteps of former students Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, and Lester B. Pearson – they’ll be sure to talk circles around you. If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is a Geeky-Dude Mecca, home to Bill Gates and birthplace of Nerd icon Rainn Wilson. If music nerdery is more your style, you may catch a glimpse of Blake Lewis of American Idol fame or Sir Mix-a-Lot, both Seattle natives.

Leave your Celebrity Dude sightings in the comments!

[Photos: Matthew McConaughey courtesy of WDPG, Paparazzi courtesy of sianais, Bill Gates courtesy of Domain Barnyard. All images Creative Commons]

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  • rachel says:

    jon gossling is such a perfect vegas dude/db!!!

  • Rob says:

    Last weekend was having dinner at B+B in the Venetian and happened to spot Forgetting S. Marshall star Jason Segal(sp?) and some guy from Maroon 5 cruising in and out of the “private” dining room. I was so excited!!! Actually, not so much. Food was awesome, though.

  • awesome dude says:

    I am a cool dude like these guys!

  • Tyler says:

    One time I saw Jose Canseco walking through the Bellagio Casino…wearing a mesh/net shirt with two not-so-classy looking ladies on either arm…total DUDE moment.


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