Top 10 Reasons to Visit Brighton, England

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In Brighton anything goes and everyone has a good time. There are plenty of opportunities to be naughty but you can surf the straight and narrow and still have a blast. Read on for ten reasons to pay Brighton a visit:

  1. No one is marginalized in Brighton. You’ll see drag stars in the supermarket, Goths waiting for the bus, and fashionable seniors over the space of a few blocks. No one bats an eyelash.  So if you are a drag superstar Goth over 65, you’ll feel right at home.
  2. In addition to the clean sea, Brighton has many wading pools for kids and family fun activities like rides on Brighton Pier. There are also several playgrounds including one in the not to be missed, Preston Park.
  3. Whether you crave junk or healthy delights, you will find your fix in Brighton. There is a huge amount of restaurants and snack shops serving everything from the world finest fudge to vegan platters. Of note is the fantastic Cherry Tree in Kemptown offering a phenomenal salad plate for under a fiver.
  4. If you are looking to spend your “pink pounds,” Brighton has the best gay nightlife scene around. Catch a cabaret show or cruise until the wee hours of the morning in the clubs near Kemptown Seafront. The party is always on but really heats up mid-week. Pick up a copy of the local Gscene from Prowler shop in Kemptown for all the listings.
  5. One great thing about Brighton is it is comprised mostly of individually-owned businesses. Shopping areas like The North Laines and The Lanes are full of boutiques selling everything from African drums to old movie posters. You could actually spend an entire day wandering around the shops and not be bored, even if you aren’t normally moved by retail.
  6. Brighton is a great place to visit during winter or summer. Don’t miss the Winter Farmers Market, CineCity Film Festival, or the Burning of the Clocks festival this winter season. In the summer, the city hosts many live events like Brighton Pride and the Beachdown Festival, held in Devil’s Dyke. There’s also the outdoor “buskers” who often play music near the Seafront to entertain passersby.
  7. Brighton borders the South Downs, which is miles of rolling hills. It is possible to climb some of the cliffs, like the further a-field Beachy Head or visit Seven Sisters National Park to see scenery you would scarcely believe is less than 1 hour from the city.
  8. Brighton is a walking and cycling city, so there’s no need to worry about transport. If you spend a night out “on the lash” chances are you can either take an inexpensive cab ride or walk to your hotel.
  9. The city of Brighton and Hove was conceived as a playground for Londoners to do things they couldn’t get away with in London. London is just 55 minutes away by rail, so visiting Brighton can easily be worked into a larger UK trip.
  10. Brighton is the special occasions capital of South East England. Holding your event in Brighton is a great choice – you’ll really feel like you and your guests are getting away from it all, seaside.

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