The Best Places to Eat in Rio de Janeiro

Food Lovers, Rio de Janeiro — By Nicole Lerner on December 16, 2009 at 11:20 am

This week’s featured guide: A Rio Culinary Adventure, by NileGuide’s Rio Local Expert Lucy Bryson.

While Paulistas (residents of Sao Paulo) have traditionally sneered at Rio’s ‘inferior’ dining scene, even the most discerning of gourmands now has to admit that the city has plenty of restaurants to rival those of Sao Paulo itself. The dining options are fantastically varied, with opportunities to taste the flavors of every corner of Brazil, as well as sophisticated international options. Our three-day itinerary gives tips on where to go to sample the best of Rio’s eating and drinking options, from tasty street snacks to sophisticated restaurant dining.

Check out the Rio Culinary Adventure Guide

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  • Trip2Rio says:

    Rio is full of great options when it comes to restaurants. We have to be honest to say that the most of the best options are usually relatively expensive. Starting with the tradittional all you can eat barbecue, you have lost of options like Porcao with branches in Flamengo, Ipanema and Barra da Tijuca districts.
    If you area a open minded person when it comes to food, do not loose the chance to taste the Brazilian Feijoada. A kind of thick soup made black beans and all parts of the pork (pig). If you take a tour to Santa Teresa District, you can have a tradittional Northeast brazilian cuisine lunch. If visiting the city of Niteroi across the Bridge, you will find lots of traditional portugues bar type restaurants.

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