CES Las Vegas 2010: 5 Survival Tips

Las Vegas — By Tyler Renaghan on January 5, 2010 at 12:08 pm

The Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, starting on Thursday and running through the weekend, is the world’s largest consumer electronics tradeshow. If you’re planning to attend the 2010 show, here are a few survival tips to help you enjoy your trip to Las Vegas.

1. Prioritize. To make the most of your time at the show and your time in Las Vegas, take some to time to prioritize. At the 2010 show, 2700 exhibitors will be on hand, and attendees should decide which exhibits are a must-see, and which are secondary or optional. (Exhibitor guides are available at the CES website.) During your time away from the show, you’ll also want to decide what Las Vegas sights are your top priorities. Luckily, since Las Vegas is a 24- hour city, you’ll still have plenty of time after the exhibits are closed to gamble, see shows, and enjoy the sights.

Las Vegas Convention Center

Las Vegas Convention Center

2. Take advantage of the Las Vegas Monorail and the CES Shuttle. Sure, you’ll probably want to rent a car while you’re in town, but the show’s 100,000 attendees will ensure traffic and parking headaches around the Las Vegas Convention Center. Take the Monorail or CES Shuttle to and from your hotel to save yourself time in a traffic jam. Both the Monorail and Shuttle run up and down the Strip, from the Convention Center all the way to Mandalay Bay at the south end of the Strip.

3. Choose comfort over style. With all those exhibits, you’ll be doing a lot of walking. If you use the Monorail or Shuttle, you’ll also have a long walk from the drop-off points to any major points of interest. On the Strip, it’s usually easier to walk from hotel to hotel as opposed to driving. Save the high heels for the nightclubs and bring something comfortable for the daytime. And even though Las Vegas is hotter than Hades in summer, in January the weather can be cold and windy. Be sure to bring warm clothing.

4. Try some restaurants off the Strip. Now that Las Vegas is home to several big-name chefs, you can certainly indulge yourself with high-end fare on the Strip, but eating off the Strip will save you some cash and take you away from the crowds. For sushi and Asian food, try Kaizen or Osaka. Just east of the Convention Center, the Freakin Frog by UNLV has good bar food and a huge selection of beer. Downtown, visit Dona Maria’s Tamales for Mexican food, or Chicago Joe’s for authentic Italian.

5. Factor in extra time to see the Las Vegas sights. Once you’ve decided what’s on your must-see Las Vegas list, give yourself extra time to navigate the crowds and the traffic. You won’t be the only one checking out places like Aria, the Strip’s newest hotel casino; the Sahara’s Cyber Speedway; or the top of the Stratosphere.

Looking for more tips and suggestions near the convention center? Check out our travel guide, Business Travel In Las Vegas: Around the Corner from the Convention Center.

[Photos: CES Photo/CES Official Website | Outside shot/ijammin]

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