Burton Unveils 2010 Olympic U.S. Snowboard Team Uniform

Gear Guide, Vancouver/Whistler — By Tyler Renaghan on January 21, 2010 at 11:59 am

UPDATE – 2/23/2010: Official response from Ryan at Burton regarding when or if these sweet uniforms will be for sale:

Hey Tyler,
This is what we have; Thank you for your support of Burton Snowboards and The US Snowboard Team. The Olympic uniforms were designed for the US Snowboard athletes and coaches; we will not be selling any pieces of the uniform. A pant similar to the uniform pant will be made for the 2011 season. They will be an analog pant called the Gravel Pant. Please see Analogclothing.com for your nearest dealer to request these pants. There are no plans to make a similar Jacket. Again thank you for you interest and support of the US Snowboard Team.


Original Post:

What comes to mind when you think of the Winter Olympics, Whistler, and the word Uniform?  If skin-tight, spider printed onesies comes to mind, then you’re probably looking forward to watching Bode Miller and Julia Mancuso fly down the mountain throwing caution to the wind.  If some dirty looking ripped jeans and a skater-like plaid jacket comes to mind, then you must already know that the US Snowboarding team recently released their ‘uniform’ for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver/Whistler.

Snowboarding has been around for over 80 years…back when crazy kids would tie boards from the sides of barrels to their feet and try to shred down hillsides in the ’20’s.  Well, we’ve come a long way, and we owe a lot of our current snowboards and snowboard fashion to a man named Jake Burton Carpenter.  Burton founded Burton Boards in 1977 out of his garage in Vermont making and selling boards to wannabe surfers who had the misfortune of living in Vermont.  Fast-forward 30-some years and Burton is still a leader in snowboarding technology, with their latest contribution sponsoring and designing the 2010 US Snowboarding team’s Olympic uniform.

While the plaid jacket and denim looking ensemble resembles the clothes you might catch Shaun White in apre-ski putting back a frosty beverage, these duds are actually infused with some of the most modern technology known to snow lovers available.  Both the pants and jacket are made of Gore-Tex combining the best breathable and waterproof material, perfect a smooth switch backside rodeo 12 transitioning into a Cab double-cork 1080.

Gretchen Bleiler's 2010 Uniform (according to Maxim)

Gretchen Bleiler's 2010 Uniform (according to Maxim)

Not quite sold on the forward thinking fashion from Burton?  Well think of it this way – would you really want to see Shuan White or Louie Vito (Dancing with the Stars Celebrity) rocking the half-pipe in spandex?  I don’t think so.  On the other hand, Maxim Magazine had a pretty good alternative to what the Women’s US Snowboarding hopeful Gretchen Bleiler should be sporting this winter – Go for Gold Gretchen!

Photos courtesy of: Burton Detail/powderroom, Mens’ & Womens/broblog.snowbroader, Gretchen Bleiler/Maxim.com

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  • Amy says:

    Look, I’m not saying I wanna see a spandex-clad boarders in the half pipe during the Olympics, but I have to say – I HATE these uniforms. Even if you’re a counter-culture, second-hand smoke inhaling, fashion forward shredder, this is the Olympic half-pipe competition, not some jump you carved out of your backyard after a couple of brewskies.

    Lindsay Lohan wears plaid and ripped jeans, so I don’t think this outfit actually reinforces cred – it just makes you look like a guy who didn’t care enough about the FREAKING OLYMPICS to wash his pants. Millions of people are watching, and you look like a guy who works at the gas station down the street? I vote Ick.

  • Meredith says:

    Wow these jackets are so frickin Nautical….LOVE THEM…pants not so much, a pair of white or navy would look amazing. Are these jackets for sale to great skiers who did not make the Olympics?

  • Victoria Gutierrez says:

    I love them… captures the laid-back, counter-culture spirit of the sport! I agree with you, Meredith… the jackets are fantastic… especially how the women’s is nipped in at the waist. As someone who hits the slopes in plaid, or in distressed-looking Burton pants, I think they’re fantastic!

    Gretchen’s Maxim uniform, while flattering and comfortable, probably won’t keep her warm in Vancouver 🙂

  • Graham Master Flash says:

    Now that the olympics have co-opted slacker street wear, will we be seeing logo-laden spandex in the dive bars and on the dance floors?

    I HOPE SO.

  • Samya says:

    I like Gretchen Bleiler’s outfit! That’s what I would wear on the slopes. If I ever got over my fear of snow and heights.

  • Josh says:

    Yea, i don’t think alot of people will want to see spandex on the slopes. Thats just wrong but she is hot. I like the logo though

  • RIVER REILY says:



  • Tyler says:

    Hey River,

    I’m right there with you…as soon as I find out where/how us non-olympians can pick up one of these jackets or pairs of pants, I’ll let you know!



  • Jman says:

    Hey tyler, im hooked, holler if you find the pants.. man they are cool!



  • TJ says:

    don’t want to b a wagon jumper, but post when the f*cking outfit is for sale. Thank you.

  • jafenwic says:

    The second i saw the outfit i was confused on why they were wearing jeans and debated on if they were really boarding pants or not. While they ride its hard to tell if they are actual jeans or not. I am thoroughly convinced i need a pair!

  • Tyler says:

    Jman and TJ, you guys will be the first to know where to buy this sweet jacket and these awesome jean pants…that is, right after I get my order locked down!

    Jafen – you can pick up a pair too…I have a feeling they’re going to go fast though!

  • Stormvodka says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m falling in love with that olympic uniform.
    Tyler, it’ll be so nice if you could say me too where to buy it.
    Thanks in advance.
    The french boy 😉

  • Suri says:

    Hey, Tyler!!! I’d really love an update on when these go on sale as well— I want them so badly!!! Well, at least, I would love the jacket!! shoot me an email when you know what’s going on!
    email me at askmeoutout@gmail.com !!

  • tiff zechman says:

    I would like to know where I could purchace one of these jackets thankyou

  • Lauren says:

    Ugh I just emailed burton and they said that these are only for the athletes in the olympics. 🙁 I want these sooo bad but I guess I won’t be getting them. But I did hear that they might be making a jacket just like it, but they already made the pants last year and they are not on sale anymore!

  • Lauren says:

    and hey tyler wud u mind letting me know where I can get a pair? x0snowboardkidd@yahoo.com

  • Roy says:

    where can i buy these they are soooo clean!

  • Walter says:

    Did you forget to include the photo of the team uniform? All I see is what looks like a hipster clothing banner ad. Then again, maybe I’m paying too much attention to Gretchen’s uniform to notice anything else.

  • Biddy says:

    These uniforms are sick. No matter if you like the gear or not, they represent our country with their skills, not necessarily with their attire. I can’t wait to see if Burton will sell the line to the public. I’ll sport it on the slopes!

  • brian says:

    The uniforms are great!!! No one is wearing tuxes to these events. You don’t have to dress up to prove you are an athlete of the highest caliber!! Fashion is not a prerequisite for taking a run. Be happy that our team has done so well. They’ve just chosen to take an “everyone” approach to the look from what i see. Not everyone can afford to sport Spyder gear.. or even Burton for that matter. At least it’s a nod to those of us who hit slopes in jeans.

  • Matt says:

    Burton is not releasing these to the public. The only way to get the uniform is if your on the US snowboard team.

  • Tyler says:

    Hi guys,

    I finally found an update. This is from an interview with Jake Burton, founder of Burton Snowboards.

    “Viewers who go gaga over the team’s tattered-blue-jean look won’t be able to buy it. “It would not be our style to sell Olympic uniforms,” says Burton. “We, as a company, are not about uniforms.”

    What Burton, the company, is about is “cool.” While the company is as synonymous with snowboarding as Kleenex is with tissue, the hard part is staying cool. It helps, Burton says, that Burton Snowboards’ decisions aren’t dictated by Wall Street, “but are made by a guy and his family who snowboard 100 days a year.”

    I’m really hoping he changes his mind or at least releases some version of this jacket and pants for everyone to pick up.

    If I find any info about if he does change his mind and decides to release the olympic jacket and pants for sale, I’ll definitely let you all know.

    The full USA Today article is here:http://www.usatoday.com/money/companies/management/entre/2010-02-07-jake-burton-snowboarding_N.htm

  • watch live sports on pc says:

    Lol those jackets look like table cloths

  • Candace says:

    how could you decide not to sell these?! you could make so much money and so many happy fans at the same time!!!! i want them 🙁

  • tate says:

    hey can u please email me when u can sale the jackets at alew_ramsey_696@comcast.net please thx.


  • tate says:

    Hey tyler if u can tell me when these sick uniforms come out that would be great and guess and tell me the price for them u can email me at alex_ramsey_696@comcast.net please email me when and what price rang


  • Jackon says:

    Impressive weblog, kudos for writing this report

  • Harry heart says:

    Cool kit will look out for this one when i take my anual ski holiday hahahha


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