5 Great Locally-Run Places to Stay in Utah

National Parks — By Julie Trevelyan on March 23, 2010 at 9:55 am

Already a mountain biking and rock climbing mecca, Moab, Utah is also a heck of a cool place for families, business travelers, romantic getaways, and outdoor adventurers of all stripes.

Depending on your party (kidlets in tow, star-crossed lovers, hitching through the desert with nothing more than your pack), Moab boasts a surprisingly wide selection of places to spend a night or a week. For those who want to-the-point chain motels, no problem: Moab has those in spades. But if you’re itching for a really local lodging experience, check out these options instead:

  • Lazy Lizard International Hostel – Unless you sleep in your car, you probably can’t find cheaper lodging in Moab. By yourself, you can camp for only $7. If you’re in a group of 6, you’d pay only $8 to stay in a cabin. Even going solo, a cabin costs a mere $28. (Note that cabins don’t have water, so you have to take a little walk to wash up.) Talk about unbeatable value! The best part? This is a really decent place. Clean and friendly, they even have a hot tub. Rates $7-$28, plus $3 for showers.
  • Moab Valley RV Resort – Located just a few miles from the entrance to Arches National Park, this kid-friendly resort also offers cabins, tents sites, a pool, a playground, and even a spot to wash off your mountain bike after you get it gloriously dirty on Moab’s world-class bike trails. Pristine and well-run, security gates ensure a sense of safety when you leave your belongings to explore. Rates $24-$78 (per two people).
  • Cali Cochitta Bed & Breakfast – This late 1800s Victorian B&B is notable for its friendly proprietors, sweetly-decorated rooms, amazingly good meals, and accessibility to town (yet it’s still peaceful). You can soak in the hot tub, get online with your own laptop, order 24-hour hot beverage service, or have a romantic escape from the world. Aahhh…. Rates $95 (off-season) to $160.
  • The Gonzo Inn – Funky and unique, Gonzo offers bike storage, welcomes your kids as well as your four-legged pal, and has both conference facilities and an espresso bar. Chow on a respectable continental breakfast before you head out to seize the day. And definitely check out their package deals with local businesses, which can include in-room massage, rafting, or a sound-and-light show on the Colorado River especially designed for seniors. Rates: $159-$339.
  • Red Cliffs Lodge – Not only can you sleep in luxury for the night, you can also ride a horse, taste some local wine, get married before the most breathtaking outdoor backdrop imaginable, bring your pet (certain rooms only), and check out where John Wayne, Rock Hudson, and Jimmy Stewart filmed classic movies. Conference facilities, excellent meals, and additional adventure activities can round out your stay. Rates range from $99.95 in the off-season to astronomical depending on inclusions.

Guide: Best Locally-Run Lodging in Moab

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