Elin Takes Kids To Sweden, Tiger Sees Nickelback

Celebrity Travel, Florida, Travel News — By David Chalk on April 21, 2010 at 10:19 am

Tiger Woods’ wife Elin left Orlando Monday with the couple’s two young children, and landed in Stockholm according to RadarOnline.com reports. While volcanic ash has closed many European airports (and left some Europeans stranded in Florida), airspace over most of Sweden is now open and Stockholm’s Arlanda airport is open to flights to and from the U.S.  Meanwhile, shortly after his wife left with the kids, TMZ reports that Tiger found solace backstage at a Nickelback concert at Orlando’s Amway Arena — “Tiger’s a big Nickelback fan — he’s even joined them on stage in the past… though last night he kept a much lower profile, for obvious reason[s].”

Since their marriage turned tabloid soap opera last November, Elin has done a lot of traveling without her cheating husband, including:

  • Arizona for nearly a week
  • the Sony tennis tournament in South Florida for several days
  • a weekend trip to Palm Beach county where she stayed on their yacht

Radaronline.com reports that for her most recent trip, Elin’s “not planning a short stay but is also not in Sweden for an extending trip.”  And it’s just a vacation: “Elin’s trip is characterized as a vacation, not a life-changing event, by a source familiar with the situation.”

Still, there are signs that the highly scrutinized marriage might be reaching its final days.  An out of town divorce attorney visited Elin last week.

[Image: Splash News/Radar Online]

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