Volcanic Ash Prompts a Wedding via Webcam

Travel News — By Molly McGonigle on April 21, 2010 at 10:16 am

Along with thousands of other travelers who found themselves stranded after last week’s volcanic eruption, one couple used technology to be in two places at once.

London’s Sean Murtagh and Australia’s Natalie Mead were en route to London for their wedding when they were grounded in Dubai indefinitely due to the volcanic ash from Iceland. Instead of caving in to the tragedy of their canceled flight, Murtagh and Mead proceeded with their nuptials via webcam. The couple were married in the lobby of their hotel, the Millennium Airport Hotel, while their friends and family watched from London.

The Millennium Airport Hotel happily complied with this creative solution to still have a wedding by decorating the lobby and supplying a three-tier wedding cake for the couple’s celebration. Other hotel guests sang the wedding march as Mead walked down an aisle for the impromptu wedding.

Murtagh and Mead came together to make the best out of an unlucky situation and commemorate their special wedding day in an unforgettable manner. No need to let a little ash stand in the way of true love, right? One thing is for sure, other travelers should learn to roll with the punches this way to make their trips positive despite any hiccups that may happen along the way.

Image: MShade / Flickr

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