Travel Like a Local: Scandinavian Soot, Rocking Out in Beijing, Obama the Turtle in Florida

Talk Like a Local — By Amy Widdowson on April 23, 2010 at 10:27 am

Wondering what’s going down in Vegas? Perplexed about the rock scene in Beijing? Dying to know about Georgia’s wine industry? Our team around the world has got you covered!

Local Expert Lottie in Hawaii

“The ideal pirate will be between 18-60 years of age, with noticeably unusual features that include huge noses, eyes or ears, lazy eyes, scruffy hair, missing limbs, teeth and wrinkled faces.”
Johnny Depp Needs a Stand-in on Kauai for Pirates of the Caribbean!

Local Expert Terrisa in Las Vegas

“Las Vegas may not have a long history, but the history it does have is sensational and interesting”
An Offer You Can’t Refuse: The Mob Museum

Local Expert Julie in the Florida Keys

“Among the patients that recovered at the hospital and later returned to the sea was a 215-pound loggerhead sea turtle named after the American president.”
Marathon’s Turtle Hospital: One of a Kind Facility

Alex, Tokyo

“Imagine trying to supply the world’s largest fish market with enough, say, tuna to sate the hungry masses: when one cog in the global machine breaks down, the entire system can sometimes fall apart.”
Scandinavian Soot Stymies Salmon Sellers

Local Expert Giannina in Atlanta

“Although it may not be Napa, the scenery is gorgeous and the wines—some which are poured at top-notch restaurants—are worth the drive.”
Escape to Georgia Wine Country

Local Expert Kristen in Orlando

“Thank heavens for eccentric and independent eateries that splash the Orlando landscape with a little bit of uniqueness and local quirkiness”
– Orlando’s Eccentric Eateries – PART ONE

Local Expert Lauren, in Shanghai

“Of course, the Ritz is always an option”
The Best 5 Beds in Shanghai

Local Expert Natasha in Vancouver

“Canada was one of the first to put a stop to smoking in restaurants, bars and clubs, and numerous countries have followed suit.”
Places You Have to ‘Butt Out’ in Vancouver

Local Expert David in Beijing

“… such an explosion of sound has come a variety of venues where you can hear both local and international acts”
For Those About to Rock…Beijing Venues

Image: motleypixel/Flickr

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  • Rachel says:

    Now I know who to thank for my clothes not stinking of smoke after a night out…the Canadians. Thanks guys!!


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