New Georgia Law Allows Guns In Airports

Atlanta, Travel News — By David Chalk on May 4, 2010 at 11:12 am

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport hails itself as “the world’s busiest airport.” If Georgia state legislators have their way, it may also be known as America’s most gun-friendly airport.  After all, who among us hasn’t faced the difficult dilemma of wanting to pick up a loved one at the airport, but not wanting to leave the house without firearms?

Georgia’s House passed a Senate bill last Tuesday that would allow licensed owners to carry guns in airport areas that are not federally secured, such as terminals, parking lots, drop off and pick up areas, and around baggage areas.  The law is currently waiting for Republican Governor Sonny Perdue’s signature.

The bill was inspired by an unsuccessful 2008 lawsuit brought by gun rights groups against the city of Atlanta over a ban of weapons on airport property.

Republican Representative Tim Bearden explains, “So what Senator Shafer did with his bill that we passed with 120 votes was a bill that laid it out in perfect language that the airports are on limits, so there would be no question whatsoever.”

Marshall Armstrong, Valdosta Technical College Program Coordinator for Criminal Justice, told WALB-TV that he supports the law: “I don’t necessarily have a problem with parking lots terminals per say; definitely not on airplanes though.”

[Image: ABC News]

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