Chilean Wines May Not Be A Connoisseur’s Secret For Long

Chile, Food Lovers — By John Curran on May 13, 2010 at 4:49 pm

Most restaurants make the bulk of their business by pricing their alcohol to compensate for discounts on food. Savvy travelers know that to find the best deals you have to pick a bottle of wine or pint of beer that’s lesser known.

Unfortunately, the secret is out when it comes to Chilean wines. They’ve been rising to prominence along with their Argentinian neighbors to the east, and a recent taste test found one wine, Don Errazuriz’ Kai 2006 was the best of the bunch, reports the Daily Telegraph. It beat out entrants from Bordeaux and others from the most esteemed vineyards in the results of blind tastings.

Still, the price isn’t exactly what one would call expensive compared to competitors. At about $80 per bottle, is between half and one fifth the cost of some French entrants that didn’t score so well.

Made from a Carmenere grape that’s no longer prevalent in France due to growing conditions, the Errazuriz could make a great wine for someone looking to cap off a great trip. But the contest also shows that if you don’t look at the label, you can continue to find great deals: Napa Valley’s Opus One took the second spot in the voting.

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