Where in the World are iPads Cheapest?

Travel News — By David Chalk on May 13, 2010 at 4:50 pm

The first customers outside the United States will be receiving iPads on May 28 (but if you live outside the U.S. and haven’t pre-ordered one, the earliest they can ship you one is now June 7th).  To help compare iPad prices including tariffs and taxes, Wired.com has found an Italian tech blog SetteB.it that has looked at ten countries and converted prices to Euros, factored in local taxes and put it altogether in a nifty chart.

SetteB.it used Cupertino, Calif. and its 9% sales tax as a basis for comparing international iPad prices to U.S. prices, even though if someone were really industrious he or she could plan a trip to tax-free Delaware.  Sette.B.it notes that “In Italy the prices are quite salty than those proposed in the U.S.” (Thanks Google Translate!)  According to the site’s calculations, a customer in Italy or France would pay 16.6% more for the cheapest 16GB iPad than someone in Cupertino.  Some Europeans would face even saltier markups: Germans would pay the highest premium (20.1% of the California price), followed by the British (18%).  The Swiss would take the lightest hit, paying only 7% more than a Californian.

The Japanese are the only international customers who would pay less than someone in California (2.3% less to be exact), but they’d still pay 1.5% more than someone in Delaware.  Australians face the lowest markup, having to shell out only 3.7% more than a customer in California.  A Canadian customer in Ottawa would pay more than someone in Switzerland, 9.6% more than the California price.

No matter what country you live in though, it seems like a lot to pay for an oversized iPhone with a funny name.

[Image: SetteB.it]

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