Modern Architecture Taste Test Provided To UK Holidaymakers

Budget, UK — By John Curran on May 14, 2010 at 3:36 pm

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, which in many locations means architectural styles that haven’t changed much in the past century or longer in some locations. Alain de Botton is planning on changing that.

He’s a leading philosopher who wrote “The Art of Travel,” and whose personal website highlights phots like the one at right, of the local flavor of French Guiana. The picture captures the uneasy relationship between impoverished locals and the high-tech space launching facility located nearby.

This insight led him to create a project called Living Architecture, and one of its largest projects is the commission of five holiday homes throughout the UK from leading architects, reports the Daily Mail. Each takes vastly different views on how to make an appealing visage for travelers looking to take a break from the world.

His goal is to make the process an affordable one, with rooms for rent at 20 pounds per night. The hope is that by making them accessible to more travelers, they will consider more options in the future. It also might improve on the current cottage model in the UK.

The Balancing Barn, which seems to jump over a hillside near the Suffolk coast, as well as the Shingle House with it’s unique construction materials located at Dungeness, can be booked for rentals beginning in October, with the other three available throughout 2011. If you plan on being anywhere near either location, it’s an inexpensive look in a new direction.


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