Travel Like a Local: Wine in NYC, Massages in Thailand, Graveyard Tourism in Lyon

Local Insight — By Amy Widdowson on May 14, 2010 at 2:35 pm

Are you a morbid traveler? Wanna know what a Tonga is, other than a kitschy bar in the Bay Area? Looking for some Kosher wine tonight?

Don’t worry, our Local Experts around the world have got you covered, from Lyon to New Delhi and beyond.

Local Expert Emma in Lyon

Captivating, creepy or a just a bit morbid? Travellers are likely to have varying opinions when it comes to adding a cemetery to their travel plans,
–  Unusual Visits in Lyon: Cimetière de la Guillotière Nouveau

Local Expert Sanjay in New Delhi

“…it is the end of the road for the Tonga (as it is called), at least in Delhi.”
End of a journey that began in 5th century, B.C.

Local Expert Torie in Washington DC

“From an outside perspective, though, there are definitely a few quirky (or downright confusing) details associated with getting from A to B in DC.”
Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Some Insider Tips on DC Transportation

Local Expert Sarah in NYC

“This is not just any wine bar, however—it’s the first all-kosher wine bar in the city”
New York for Wine Lovers

Local Expert Kevin in Bangkok

“The 46-meter Reclining Buddha may be reclining for a good reason”
Thai Massage in Bangkok for Any Budget

Local Expert Lauren in Shanghai

“While the Expo is getting all the attention in Shanghai lately, other more local innovations are going on largely behind the scenes.”
More Innovation Than Just the Expo

Image: Emma Muldoon, Lyon

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