How to Say Cheese Without Dreading the Results: Vacation Photo Tips

Travel News, Travel Tips — By John Curran on May 19, 2010 at 10:20 am

You want the memories of your favorite trip to bring smiles and remind you of the good times you had away from home. That can be a tough request if your photos look like they’re better suited to a blooper reel or horror flick.

But no matter what your body shape is or the level of sunburn you may have accumulated during your adventures, you can always find ways to make sure that you’re at your most photogenic. Here are a few:

1) Vertical stripes are great for making people seem slimmer, and horizontal ones can add a bit of depth to beanpole-shaped vacationers. But according to WickedGoodTravelTips, you can’t stand stock still in a straight line, or you’ll look a bit off.

2) Action shots are great, the site adds, but even if you’re not in motion you should try to be at an angle to the camera. Even just the slightest turn can emphasize where you’re going and not necessarily the great local food you had been gorging on.

3) Practice, practice, practice. We’re not trying to make you feel vain, but checking out what expressions and gestures look good in a mirror can help you even in “impromptu” situations, according to Canadian Living.

Finally, and this is really important: smile! Too many photos don’t show travelers at their best because they simply forgot to put a big grin on.

[Image: National Institutes of Health]

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