Europeans Keep Roadways Safe Using Angels and Druids

Austria, Offbeat — By John Curran on May 24, 2010 at 8:00 am

In America, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is trying to cut down on auto accidents with bans on cell phone use. Overseas, they have decided to take an altogether different tack.

If you’re driving down certain motorways in Austria, you’re as likely to see a man resembling Obi-wan Kenobi from Star Wars as you are police, reports Orange in UK. The reason? We kid you not, the Austrian authorities hired druids to reduce negative energy on the roadways.

Image: Orange

Suspending disbelief for a moment, the roadways do seem safer with fewer accidents as a result of the spiritual work completed by the pagan practitioners. It’s not like the Austrians are unique in trying to find new ways to increase traffic safety either.

Swiss drivers near Fribourg may slam on the brakes when they see a winged visage along the streets, according to the Daily Mail. The man is a hired actor, but law enforcement say that the image is worth it to try and keep drivers from speeding in several locations throughout the region.

Image: Daily Mail

If you’re considering renting a car when you go abroad, you may find yourself amazed at the levels that local authorities will go to in order to protect citizens who may speed. If you’re not interested in angels or druids, however, a quick brush-up on local driving laws can ensure that you don’t have to take advantage of the supernatural. Or practice your language skills with an annoyed foreign police officer.


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