Louis Vuitton Loses Fight Over “Handmade” Ad Claims

Gear Guide — By John Curran on May 31, 2010 at 7:15 am

Advertising can be a funny thing, often highlighting the best aspects of a product and leaving out the reality of its production. Unlike many, Louis Vuitton was caught in the UK over a misleading advert.

The state’s Advertising Standards Authority said a recent campaign that would lead consumers to believe that the LV-branded products were all handmade wasn’t true, according to the Wall Street Journal. Louis Vuitton, for its part, argued that it wasn’t whether the bags were handmade but whether there was evidence to prove it.

More to the point, company officials said that among the 200 production and design employees it has in three global sites, the use of hand sewing machines was enough to bolster its claims that its bags and luggage had added strength and durability to their line of products.

While the ad pictured to the right is still available throughout the world, the hand-stitched one has been done for several weeks. The ASA ruling means that it will not re-run the campaign in the future.

Production versus advertising claims is a growing concern among several luxury marques, and even if you have the money, Louis Vuitton bags should raise red flags about their true value.

[Image: Louis Vuitton USA]

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