Worldwide Android and iPhone Usage Report Released

Travel News — By David Chalk on June 2, 2010 at 10:19 am

In its mobile metrics report for April 2010, Mobile advertising network AdMob provides a closer look at the geographic distribution of unique iPhone and Android devices, as well as the ratio of iPhone OS and Android devices both overall and in specific regions.  According to the report, worldwide there are 11.6 million unique Android devices and 27.4 million iPhones, accounting for 25% and 42% of worldwide smartphone devices respectively.  If you add in the iPad and iPod touch devices, there are 40.8 million devices worldwide using the iPhone operating system.

Here’s a look at iPhone and Android usage data broken down by region:

Europe: Western Europe has 28% of the world’s iPhone OS devices and 11% of Android devices.

Germany: Germany accounts for 2% of the world’s Android devices.

France: 6% of the world’s iPhone OS devices are in France, as are 2% of the world’s Android devices.


  • Britain has more of the world’s iPhone OS devices than any country other than the US, accounting for 9% of the world total.
  • The UK also has the third-most Android devices, accounting for 3% of the world total.
  • Two new Android devices, the Sony Ericsson X10i and HTC Desire, are now among the top 10 smartphones in the UK.
  • iPhone OS devices account for 64% of UK smartphones, while Android devices account for another 19%.

North America: North America accounts for 49% of the world’s iPhone OS devices, and 75% of world Android devices.


  • There are 18.3 million iPhone OS devices in the US, accounting for 44% of the world distribution.
  • The US also has 8.7 million Android devices, which accounts for three-quarters of the world distribution.

Canada: Canada accounts for 4% of the world’s iPhone OS devices.

Asia: 12% of the world’s android devices are in Asia.

Japan: Japan is home to 4% of the world’s iPhone OS devices.

China: China has the second-most Android devices behind the US, 8% of the world total.

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