Disney Sells Tickets Directly Through Facebook

Travel News — By David Chalk on June 4, 2010 at 6:00 am

Disney quietly rolled out a Disney Tickets Together Facebook application last month, calling it a first-of-its-kind app that allows users to buy tickets without leaving the Facebook site, as well as to invite their Facebook friends to come along.  Right now the app is only selling tickets to Toy Story 3, which opens in US theaters on June 18.  What’s the big deal about the minor convenience of not having to open a separate browser tab or window and typing in Fandango? (Fandango, by the way, is one of the movie sites the app works through to cover the majority of North America’s movie theaters.)  Disney’s pitch is “no friend gets left behind.” Translation: online peer pressure will drive ticket sales.

Disney says that groups as large as 80 have already pre-bought Toy Story 3 tickets (wouldn’t you love to be in that theater?) and that if the app is successful, more Disney movies will follow.  And if it works for Disney movie tickets, could buying Disney theme park tickets through Facebook be far behind?

The app’s Facebook page links to a Mashable article that calls the app “brilliant!” The exact quote is “a brilliant example of social media synergy.” The brilliance apparently lies in that “not only does the ability to buy tickets without leaving Facebook make impulse ticket buys more likely, but the social aspect makes group planning that much easier.”

Obviously a theme park vacation is less of an impulse buy than a night at the movies with 79 of your closest Facebook friends, but the group planning aspect is definitely still there.  And theme park tickets and lodging cost a lot more than movie tickets, so a theme park app would need to generate far fewer sales to be successful.

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  • Arnold Waldstein says:

    Disney’s ticket sales on their page is the best example of Social Commerce I’ve seen. Creative. Smart. Simple and Social.

    Also really like the Diesel experiment with the Facebook Cam testing in Spain right now.

    Facebook fan pages are quite uninspired and these two global brands are breaking some new ground.

    My post on these “Commerce finally gets social with Disney and Diesel on Facebook” @ http://bt.io/FKlP

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