New Tour Brings Tolkeinians Through the Heart of Middle-Earth

Celebrity Travel, Travel News — By Ben Van Loon on June 9, 2010 at 8:15 am

If you have around $5,000 dollars, a two-week break from work, and a love for all things Lord of the Rings (LOTR), then head over to and book your own, thirteen-day tour through the New Zealand countryside, where you will see the Huka Falls, bubbling mud-pools, have a guided tour through the Glow Worm caves, and even take a helicopter ride to LOTR-director Peter Jackson’s favorite location.

The tour includes: Coach transport, guiding services, hotel accommodations, 9 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 2 dinners, entry fees to private LOTR sites, and airfare from Wellington to Christchurch. Not included, but easily accessible, is NZ$195 ($128USD) per-person tour to Hobbiton, the location of Bilbo Baggins and friends’ respective homesteads. Of course, even without seeing Hobbiton, you can see “the sites of Mordor, Emyn Muil, and Mt. Doom,” which may not be as exciting when not digitally enhanced, but still give the LOTR-lover goosebumps even when he’s not eating those special mushrooms.

Aside from the LOTR tour, AdventureBound hosts a variety of taste and adventure tours, from their Ancient Ireland Adventure to their Everest Lodge Trek, which will immerse you in the dynamism of Sherpa culture and the mystique of Everest. And if you want to visit New Zealand with them, you’re not bound to exploring ‘Middle-earth’ and taking pictures with swords. You can do their five-day Deluxe Auckland tour, or their eight-day Multisport Tour just as well.

Nonetheless, true LOTR fans need no longer do their own tours, but can explore the lands of fiction firsthand with other friendly, knowledgeable, and equally-as-dedicated Hobbits, Elves, Orcs, and even the Ents. The jury is still out for Peter Jackson’s less likeable Bad Taste tour.


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