Where to Watch the World Cup in a City Near You

Active/Outdoors, Local Insight — By Tyler Renaghan on June 10, 2010 at 5:32 pm

The Cup of Life, Copa Mundial, the best competition in the world, the most popular sport in the world, la vida loca, joga bonita…call it what you want, bottom line – the World Cup is finally here!  The host nation of South Africa fulfilled on their promise and completed their stadiums, instituted proper infrastructure, moved out the homeless and are already welcoming thousands of fans from all over the world expecting/hoping to see another Frenchman headbutt an Italian for talking too much (see Exhibit A at bottom of post).

If you’re not one of the lucky lads or lasses making your way to Africa, don’t worry, our team of Local Experts have put together lists of the BEST places to watch the games where you live.

Exhibit A: Zidane going out in a blaze of glory


Exhibit BONUS: The best, and most expensive, Nike soccer commercial ever


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