Shark Versus Giant Crocodile – Who Won?

Travel News — By Ben Van Loon on July 12, 2010 at 2:00 pm

Though it’s not nearly as awesome as this footage of a shark jumping out of the water and tearing a 747 out of the sky, tourists recently visiting Australia’s Kakadu National Park were in for one of nature’s more unusual spectacles. At Kakadu, you can view a wide spectrum of Australia’s natural flora and fauna: water buffalo, wallabies, kangaroos, wallaroos, bandicoots, quolls, and even the elusive dugong. It’s a beautiful and expansive national park, covering around 4,894,000 acres, which several aboriginal people also call home.

Two main reptiles occupy the park: the freshwater crocodile, and the notorious saltwater crocodile, the largest reptile in the world. It can grow to be up to 18 feet long and on average weighs around 1,000 lbs., though some of the larger ones can weigh nearly a ton.

Tourists on a recent Yellow Water Cruise through Kakadu, in their routine exploration of the park’s diverse wildlife, happened upon one of the more unique and violent phenomena in the park: a saltwater crocodile snacking on a bull shark in the Kakadu shallows. By the time tourists reached the savage sight, the crocodile had already torn the shark in two and was in the process of chomping it into his gigantic gullet.

There were reports from 2007 about other incidents of saltwater crocodile-on-shark violence, which indicates that the phenomena is not entirely unique, though apparently none of the tour guides with Yellow Water had even seen it themselves. Still, nature is unforgiving in its own way, with or without the presence and cunning of humans.

Of course, farther back on the evolutionary timeline, things were different, but this is now. So maybe on your next visit to Kakadu, you’ll see something just as strange.


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