Recession Killer: More Americans Are Traveling Abroad

Business, USA — By John Curran on August 13, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Many people are wondering if we’re headed for a double dip recession because of a lack of strong economic indicators. One finance writer argues that travelers like you and me are doing our part to help keep the economy strong.

Seeking Alpha contributor Andrew Butter wrote a recent piece that focused on the metric of outbound travel to international regions, or in plain English, the amount of money Americans spend on international flights. He argues that the numbers are better than people think and in fact match our Gross Domestic Product–  the nation’s economic output.

The reason he sees these metrics as a good thing is because the number of incentives that airlines put out are offset by baggage fees and other costs that aren’t really incentives to those looking to travel. Unlike cars or homes that may benefit from government regulation and assistance programs, travelers generally have to make do with their own deal seeking. The face that travelers are now starting to go abroad again for business and pleasure bodes well for the economy.

[Image: caribb via Flickr]

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