Drunken British ‘Sailor’ Braves The Open Seas to Visit a Friend

Travel News — By Ben Van Loon on September 1, 2010 at 10:52 am

Drunk people have a habit of making unwise decisions. In the most recent case of a bizarre, alcohol-impaired judgment call, 20-year old British tourist Zirian Kamarin Tahiri attempted to row the 40-mile distance between the Spanish islands of Minorca and Majorca on a small Zodiac boat stolen from a marina. He’d reportedly had too much drink and not enough food at lunch and and decided it would be a good idea to cruise the gap between Spain’s two Mediterranean islands. He claims he was going to visit a friend. From Ciutadella in Minorca you can see the mountains of Majorca, and with his judgment impaired Zirian thought he could row over in no time.

Of course, the strong Mediterranean winds and impromptu sail made out of an oar and a piece of cloth aren’t exactly professional sailor’s devices. When fisherman Josep Anglada found him the next morning, Zirian was aimlessly adrift, soaking in the late-morning sun. Apparently the Brit was still awash with liquor and he appeared to the fisherman to be “…very disorientated. He’d put himself in a very dangerous situation.”

Zirian has since fully recovered, though there is no word regarding Zirian’s friend in Majorca, who may still be waiting if Zirian managed to drunk-dial him before he launched from Minorca.

[Image: dailymail]

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