New iPad App Takes Guessing Out of Currency Conversion

Travel News — By spencerspellman on September 14, 2010 at 11:00 am

You can now say there’s an app for that too. Pad Gadget reports a new iPad gadget takes some of the guesswork out of currency conversion for those who travel abroad. Mobile and computer calculator apps can often leave much to be desired and this couldn’t be more true for currency converters. These apps are often limited in their capabilities and miss the mark of what most international travelers need.

And so that’s where the new iPad currency converter comes onto the scene. Certainly not the most creative and sophisticated name, Awesome Currency Calculator, the app packs a powerful punch. Unlike many currency converters, it covers a wide-gamut with 160 different currencies it can convert to. However, as Pad Gadget reports, one of the clinchers is that where applicable, it also adds taxes.

The interface of the app is very clean, polished and easy to use. Judging from reviews on the app’s page, users have been extremely pleased. Other features of the app let you keep track your conversion history and it keeps up-to-date rates from Yahoo! Finance. You can also mix currency when converting, so that you can convert one currency that is in euros and another that is in pounds to come up with a total. The Awesome Currency Calculator is $1.99 and you can buy it directly from iTunes.

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