New Gear: Combination Cup-Holder and iPod Dock, the Ultimate Morning Stimulant

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on September 23, 2010 at 12:00 pm

If you’re looking to jazz up your morning commute (no pun intended), Sony has the solution: a cup-holder and iPod combination dock for blaring music and getting caffeinated. Now you can enjoy your coffee AND annoy the crap out of your neighbors and carpool buddies!

The package has big punch. Inside the dock is Sony’s 360-degree system known as the “Circle Sound Stage,” with a 16W stereo, which can make a lot of noise pollution if you’re not careful. The unit can also be hooked up to a stereo input, and it comes with a remote control to switch between inputs and to handle volume. The unit comes in 3 colors so far: pink, yellow, or black.

If such a dock is too boring for you, however, keep in mind there are hundreds of others. Maybe you’d prefer a shiny Lego dock, or a mini boom-box dock. Or hey, if you have the $239.99 USD to spend on such a toy, why not splurge for something outlandish, like the iPod belt buckle?

But seriously, consider the noise pollution. You may think your musical selections are fantastic, but they may not be so endearing to someone else at 7:30am.

[Photo: Phil Monger]

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