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Travel News — By Carlo Alcos on October 7, 2010 at 7:00 am

Are you a travel blogger looking for more traffic? More advertising? According to Shannon Lane from, she can teach you how. She will be the moderator of the “How to Make a Kick-A$$ Travel Video” panel at this year’s BlogWorld and New Media Expo 2010.

The conference will be held from October 14 – 16, but the travel-specific talks will take place on October 15. It all happens at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Other prominent bloggers and social media pros that will be on hand include:

For the full schedule of the conference’s travel track portion, check here.

But in the meantime, to tide you over, I asked filmmaker and travel blogger, Cailin O’Neil from Travel Yourself, what travel video tips she had to offer. This is what she had to say…

On lighting:

  • When shooting a subject try not to shoot into the sun (unless, of course, you are shooting a sunset).
  • You most likely won’t have a professional lighting kit so, when shooting indoors, use the available lighting around you to your advantage. Remember, if you can’t see the subject very well in your viewfinder there is no way that anyone else will see it.

On audio:

  • Be conscious about the noise around you and the wind! Nothing sucks more than having awesome footage ruined by the wind, construction noises, birds squawking, children screaming, or drunk people screaming your name.
  • If this happens, find some lovely music to put over the footage and no one will know the difference. (Tip: Find music licensed as Creative Commons, otherwise you’re infringing on someone’s copyright and your video can be removed.)

In general:

  • Keep it interesting. You might notice that the more popular YouTube videos are rarely longer than 5 minutes. Sadly, our attention spans seem to be getting shorter and shorter. This doesn’t mean your video has to be all flashing lights and shiny things to keep our attention, but just make sure you watch it a few times before you post it and maybe get a fresh pair of eyes on it too. It’s kind of like what people say about packing for a trip: less is more, you never need as much as you actually have.

On making a “viral” video:

  • There are few people out there who decide, “I’m going to make a video, put it on YouTube, and it is going to go viral.” Most times it just happens by accident. A few tips to possibly increase your chances on having a viral video are:
  1. Use good keywords
  2. Make your video with relevant, up-to-date content
  3. Choose a title that is easily searchable, and
  4. Don’t forget to share it with the world on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else folks are paying attention.

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  • Cailin says:

    Thanks for letting my contribute Carlo!! To bad I can’t actually make it to blogworld 🙁
    I just want to point out that I don’t say the word “folks” though haha I had to go back and look at my messages, your making me sound like an old lady 😉
    I hope everyone enjoys it!


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