Beware of GuestScan, a Now-Legal Way to Find Travel Malcontents

Travel News, UK — By John Curran on October 8, 2010 at 10:00 am

Revelry has its place in travel; after all the best way to enjoy a new place is with the company of those who live there, especially during festivals and other holiday activities. However, if you’re the type of partier who overachieves, you might want to make sure your name doesn’t appear on GuestScan.

This new service, available through a membership fee in the United Kingdom, could be a problem for overzealous rock stars, or anyone who’s had a few too many drinks. As the Daily Mail notes, in spite of concerns from privacy groups, the site acts as a clearinghouse for UK operators who want to know whether guests have left without paying bills, or created a disaster in their lodgings.

The company’s founder Neil Campbell argues that it doesn’t track small foibles like lifting a towel or other toiletries. Rather, according to the newspaper, he says, “We expect crime report numbers if guests have caused damaged or been involved in fraud, or if they have disturbed other guests with loud parties or bad behavior we expect, if possible, statements from witnesses affected by them.”

You’ll be notified if you’ve made it on the list, according to GuestScan rules. The commonsense approach to the issue, seems to be much simpler: if you don’t want to end up on the list and are using small bed & breakfast-style lodgings, treat the place as well as you would your home.

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