Where Does Your Unclaimed Baggage Go? Scottsboro, Alabama, Of Course!

Offbeat, Travel News, USA — By John Curran on October 14, 2010 at 1:00 pm

Finding lost luggage can be a logistical nightmare, and not to mention a huge inconvenience. But on the upside, if you’ve never planned on traveling to Alabama, you may end up there if you’ve ever lost a bag.

There’s a small city called Scottsboro, Alabama with about 14,000 residents in the northeast corner of the state and it’s home to a store called Unclaimed Baggage Center. There’s no irony in the name; the store has contracts with all domestic carriers for baggage unclaimed after three months, reports Fox 10 news out of Mobile.

Sort of like a thrift store, you can purchase lost items for pennies on the dollar, with most things as varied as you would expect from luggage of travelers who couldn’t track down their belongings. While there may be a sense of schadenfreude about it, you can find a number of oddball options for purchase– surfboards and jewelry, clothing and even wedding gowns. And Unclaimed Baggage Center has been in business for more than 40 years.

Not that we want to put Unclaimed Baggage Center out of business, but if you want to reduce the odds of your stuff ending up in northern Alabama, consider buying a non-black/red/green/navy piece of luggage, slip your final destination in an outside pocket, or better yet, go carry-on with your gear. Or even this contraption.

[Image: Duhhitsminerva via Wikimedia]

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