When It Comes to Passports, Size Matters

Around the World, North America, Travel News, USA — By Molly McGonigle on October 26, 2010 at 11:45 am

Most people dream of filling their passports with stamps from exotic locations so that they can brag about all of the cool places they’ve been. However, in reality, most Americans don’t have passports. But there is an elite group full of business men and women, pilots and celebrities who don’t have any trouble whatsoever filling their passport to capacity.

One New Jersey businessman, Sanjeev Midha, has reached his passport capacity even though it hasn’t expired. Originally, Midha had to add 48 extra pages to his passport, which is the legal limit allowed for a valid passport. Midha said, “Each page was crowded, crowded, crowded. There were stamps, stamps, stamps. We travel as a family, a lot.”

So much traveling in fact, that he had to get a new passport to continue traveling. Midha explained that he wants his family to have a plethora of experiences that can be only gained through travel. Each year, the Midha family sets aside around $200,000 to travel the world together and learn all about new cultures. Just last year, this globe trotting family hit France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, China, Spain, Belize, Turkey, Canada, and India spread out over 8 to 10 trips. In fact due to all the of traveling, Midha’s 16-year-old son already has 80 pages in his passport, which is definitely more than most adults ever achieve in a lifetime.

Think you can top that? How many pages does your passport have?

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  • Saver says:

    Wow. I’ve never filled up a passport, but I’m just a few trips away from doing it with my current passport.

  • Christina Paschyn says:

    I had to add an additional 48 pages to my passport too! It’s not due to expire until 2014, but I’m hoping to beat the deadline 😉

  • Lisbeth says:

    This article was definately written by an American for American readers. Filling up a passport ahead of time does not shock us Europeans 🙂

  • TINA says:


  • Ed says:

    With the European Union and the U.S not stamping my passport, I no longer have an opportunity to fill it. However two passports ago, I added 96 pages. This is, of course, no longer possible but it was, way back then.


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