Friday Siteseeing: These Links are (Almost) Cooler Than Using a Sword to Open a Champagne Bottle

Around the Web, General — By Rachel Greenberg on October 29, 2010 at 1:00 pm

Our usually mild-mannered office mates are sporting adorable costumes, we’re already hopped up on Halloween candy (and it’s only 10:30am) [Ed. note: Breakfast chocolate weeee], and the San Francisco Giants are dominating in the World Series. Although we would probably giggle at almost anything at this point, the following links really tickled our fancy this week.

Have a Happy and safe Halloween everyone, and GO GIANTS! [Ed note: GO SPORTS!]

  • If you’re too excited to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade from home, but too claustrophobic to watch it on the street, take your over overly-demanding tushie over to these hotels that offer a great view of the parade from their rooms. [Gadling]
  • Speaking of New York, who knew the differences between the Big Apple and the Ville Lumiere (Paris, duh) could be so delightful in visual form [Ed. note: Le sigh]. [Paris v NYC]
  • A video of a rickshaw ride through Kathmandu. If you’re prone to motion sickness, you might want to avoid watching this! [Hole in the Donut]
  • Charlie Sheen is a pretty lackluster hotel guest. [TMZ]
  • If you’re a manly man with an impeccable sense of style, might we recommend this down vest? But just a warning: even looking like you’re not trying can be expensive. [Gear Patrol]
  • This sommelier assures us that sabering a champagne bottle makes you “the Knight of Badassery” – it will also make you the #1 guest at every dinner party. We might start practicing over lunch… [Drinking Made Easy]
  • We can’t imagine the new AMC show The Walking Dead could be half as good as Mad Men, but at least they have a pretty funny zombie-flash-mob marketing campaign.[Gadling]
  • Kids being so gosh darn adorable in this photo-essay of classrooms around the world. [Matador Network]
  • If you have to run a marathon, there might as well be a ton of cheese and wine tasting along the way. Leave it to the French! [Travelogged]
  • Lessons on traveling from a species that eat their own poop. [Delicious Chaos]

[Image: Buster Benson/Flickr]

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