New Podcast Offers Tips On How to Keep Clean While Traveling

Eco-Travel, Offbeat, Travel Style, Travel Tips — By Lia Del Priore on November 1, 2010 at 10:30 am

Apparently just because you’ve made it into business school doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve mastered the concept of good hygiene.  At Columbia School of Business, students were recently reprimanded for bad hygiene practices.  According to, Columbia students had to be reminded to brush their teeth regularly, wear deodorant, and cut their hair.  Got a pair of super-cute rain boots or your dad’s cuff links from 1976? Sorry, students– as practical as those accessories might be, the biz school memo warned against wearing them too.

The cleanliness of Columbia students hit an all-time low during recruiting period, which precipitated the new hygiene code.  It’s true; sometimes it can be hard to maintain regular hygiene routines during periods of stress.  This holds true for travel too.  If you’ve ever been backpacking, you understand how challenging it can be to  find a place to wash clothes.

That’s why Indie Travel Podcast has released an informative podcast on the best (and most convenient) ways to wash your clothes while traveling, so that you don’t end up with a nasty letter like the one sent to Columbia students.  Among their helpful tips are suggestions that range from packing light to ensuring that your hostel has a laundromat before booking.  Tips are also provided to those going the ol’ couchsurfing route.  The podcast is a gem; and it’s sure to help you smell a little better while you’re on the road, whether you’re going to Colombia in South America, or just heading up to Columbia on the Upper West Side.

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