Survey: Americans Least Adventurous English-Speaking Travelers

Travel News — By John Curran on November 9, 2010 at 10:30 am

It started out as a market research activity for one adventure travel company to test Americans on how willing they’d be to try new experiences, and the results of the recent survey on their adventurous nature abroad (or lack there of) led to some interesting conclusions.

According to Intrepid Travel, Americans are the least willing to try new things or get out of their comfort zone compared to travel nuts from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK. Of the states and cities, Californians were more willing to experience local culture firsthand, and oddly enough Dallas residents beat their more liberal counterparts in Austin for adventurous choices.

How did the company decide on what were the limits of a traveler’s risk-taking threshold? They chose a few different activities, like going on a safari, negotiating with locals at markets and… eating deep-fried tarantulas. Whether or not the fur was removed wasn’t indicated in the survey.

So, should you be trying new things? Absolutely. But one of the things about travel is that it’s supposed to expand your horizons, not leave you feeling like a Fear Factor contestant. It’s why the data showing three in five New Englanders would be willing to haggle in local markets makes sense. Expand what you might normally do, and you can still benefit from new cultures.

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