Holiday Travel Gift Ideas: A Briefcase For Your Doughnut

Food Lovers, Offbeat — By Lia Del Priore on November 10, 2010 at 12:00 pm

It’s the coolest thing since sliced bread– a suitcase for your doughnut.  Now, before you ask “okay, who would buy that thing,” think about it: haven’t you always wanted a place to put your snacks of sugary-goodness?  I mean, who couldn’t have a little fun carrying a doughnut in a suitcase to work? People have lunchboxes for lunch, coffee mugs for coffee, so therefore a suitcase for a doughnut seems like a natural fit.  Check out for a truly innovative way to tote your favorite donuts around town.

The suitcase comes in an assortment of cute colors (seriously, some of them will coordinate with the frosting on your doughnut) and have snazzy features like a Passive Ventilation System and a Donut-To-Go-Security-Lock.  It even features a handy-dandy grip which you can put your name on, so you can claim that the doughnut is your property and no one else’s.  The suitcase also has a lovely functional hole in the center that you can put a lollipop in (seriously, that’s what it was invented for), which is sure to give you a bona-fide sugar-attack before the end of the work day. There is a little bit of a downside; unfortunately these carrying cases are only meant for donuts with holes in the middle, which means all you jelly lovers out there will just have to wait for the suitcase-upgrade for you to carry your donuts to work.

The “Doughnut-To-Go” (as it is officially named) retails for about $12 and is made, of course, in Japan.

Image: Pink Sherbert Photography/Flickr

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