Thanksgiving ‘Civil Disobedience’: Breeze Through Security in Speedos and Bikinis

Travel News, Travel Safety — By Zain Iqbal on November 24, 2010 at 1:59 pm

It’s Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving:  Are you sitting at your desk impatiently watching the clock tick away? Perhaps you’re scrambling to think of what kind of last-minute dish you can throw together for that dinner party tomorrow evening– you know, the one to which you promised you’d contribute an old family recipe? Maybe you’re about to head to the airport and are pondering what will happen if you’re ordered to go through the Transportation Security Administration’s new “full-body scanners”? You know, the ones that have taken up a ridiculous (Ed. note: TRUE) amount of air time on CNN and Fox News and on less traditional outlets like Boing Boing?

OK, National Opt-Out Day didn’t exactly reach the critical mass that some people hoped it would. One story from the Huffington Post, however, covers the story of a woman who dressed in as little as possible so she could pass on the body scan and get away with rejecting a pat-down. This traveler at LAX decided to wear just her bikini on through security and had this to say:

I feel that the TSA is making travelers uncomfortable, and I think we can have security measures that don’t make us feel uncomfortable.

Another story out of Salt Lake City had a student protest security measures by wearing only a Speedo, along with a message painted on his back as a protest to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. According to the article, this was one of a few incidents around the country of travelers getting down to their “bare essentials” in order to pass through security without being touched or x-rayed by TSA agents.

While we didn’t exactly say strip down to your skivvies if you’re looking to make flying easier (Ed. note: and more saucy!) over the holidays, we did have some travel tips that were sort of similar— including just packing one change of clothing for your flight home. Sure, Grandma may scold you for looking sloppy at the dinner table tomorrow, but you know all your other family members are going to be totally jealous that you can spill gravy without fear. Plus, we hope that if you had to sport a bikini or Speedo through security, it’s just because you’re heading to the Caribbean and are going straight from baggage claim to an awesome beach (Ed. note: we’re all about efficiency here).

Happy (and safe) holidays, everyone!

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  • Montana says:

    The crazies that called for the National Opt Out Day, don’t know what they are talking and the majority of our nation flew anyway. As soon as we get another terrorist attack these same crazies will be yelling that our government we were not doing enough to detect them. They have no ideas on what should be implemented instead of what is in place, but I am sure that will call this a victory. What a bunch of empty suits that are just real haters not debaters.


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