A Christmas Travel Fantasy: Penguins Dressed as Santa

Asia, Offbeat, Travel News — By Molly McGonigle on December 7, 2010 at 9:32 am

South Korea is preparing for the holidays, AOL reported a few weeks ago. At the Everland amusement park in South Korea, penguins greeted the park’s visitors dressed as Santa and his flock of reindeer. The penguins’ reindeer costume consisted of antlers positioned on their back. You might wonder: Why the odd location for antlers? Well, strangely enough, penguins weren’t designed to wear hats or head fixtures like antlers (Ed. note: SHOCKING).

As the penguins marched through the crowd of eager visitors, a man dressed as Santa threw fake snow into the air to create a winter ambiance. To get the amusement park into the festive spirit for their “Christmas Fantasy” parade, there are over 80 Christmas trees, fake snow, and 2 million Christmas lights.

No one seemed to alert the penguins to the fact that, alas, they live nowhere near Santa’s “magical” workshop on the North Pole but instead south of the Equator.


[Img: Kathryn in Stereo]

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