Oprah Video Brands Australians As McDonald’s Lovers

Travel News — By Carlo Alcos on December 14, 2010 at 7:00 am

A few months after Oprah’s audience exploded at the announcement they would be accompanying her to Australia, they finally find themselves down under. And if the fact that Australians had to foot a chunk of the bill wasn’t enough, they now have to deal with an image problem.

According to the NZ Herald, Aussies have been branded as McDonald’s lovers. In a crash course on Australian culture, around 10 million Oprah viewers — including the 300 that flew there with her — watched a video in which they were told that,

In Australia, McDonald’s are called Maccas. They’re hip hang-outs where people sip gourmet coffees in the McCafes and dine from a menu exclusive to Australia.

In a post at The Punch, Australian Anthony Sharwood “took the piss” out of the Oprah video:

There I was, about to buy a rack of spring lamb for dinner, and a beautiful fresh tray of Bowen mangoes for the fruit bowl, when bing! I remembered that in fact, what I craved, on a deeply-ingrained cultural level, was in fact that most Australian of treats, the American Choc Brownie Slice. As Oprah has reminded us in her timely pre-Christmas message, McCafe is where the true blue come to affirm our Australianness.

I lived in Melbourne for two years. I can promise you that McDonald’s is not a trendy hangout place for Australians. It’s as much a hangout place for them as it is for North Americans. They pride themselves on their coffee culture and huge amount of independent cafes. It’s a shame that Oprah felt it necessary to box them up and sell them out for a McDonald’s plug.

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