Adventure Travel Meets Faith-Based Travel

Travel News — By spencerspellman on December 17, 2010 at 11:13 am

Travel meet faith, faith meet travel. While they may be two different entities, there are a number of opportunities around the world that mix the two. No we’re not talking about the new reality TV show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”. We’re talking about travel with a definitive spiritual element, whether it’s traveling to sacred ruins, going for a walkabout, or integrating some other aspect of the mystical into your trip.

Some recent travelers took travel and faith a step further than many travelers before them. According to Gadling, a couple Muslims took their deeply rooted Islam faith and combined it with adventure travel. The two twenty-something travelers from South Africa planned a trip to Mecca for the Hajj. However, instead of taking a plane, they decided to bicycle their way to Mecca. The only major hiccup was visa problems in Northern Africa, which meant they had to take a plane for part of the journey.

The spiritual travel experience was a trip of a lifetime. As Gadling reports, the 6,800-mile trip meant the two sold many of their possessions to save money for the trip. One even downgrading, selling his car, so that he could bike, rather than drive across Africa. The Hajj is the pilgrimage that every Muslim is supposed to do at least once in their life. Natheem Cairncross and Imtiyaz Haron gave new meaning to the pilgrimage by cycling their way to Mecca. All total, it took the two men 9 months to complete the trip to Mecca.

[Photo courtesy of Al Jazeera English]

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