Twilight and Millennium Trilogy Tours, Anyone?

Kid-Friendly, Offbeat — By Lia Del Priore on December 20, 2010 at 10:38 am

Harry Potter.  Twilight Saga.  Millennium.  What do these three series have in common?  Nothing really, except for the capacity for a serious fan-addiction.  If you’re ever been a bit too engrossed in a book series, there are some options to extend the experience just a little bit longer.  Whether you’re fifteen or fifty, a great literary series can suck you in and pull you under, making you seriously sad when the experience is over.

On, a new suggestion has been made for all those suffering from Harry/Twilight/Millennium withdrawal; tours. Yes, tours.  Tours of where these movies were filmed, of where they supposedly took place, and of where you pictured these characters to be alive and well.  If you’re into Twilight and you find yourself in the Pacific Northwest, look no further than Forks, Washington for some serious Twilight history.  Check out where you can find full tours of the area.  If you’re addicted to the “Girl…” books of Millennium, a trip to Sweden may be in order.  No word where exactly the Harry Potter fans should head to in order to taste some home-brewed butterbeer for themselves – we’ll keep you updated!

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