Google Taps into eBook Industry

Travel News — By spencerspellman on December 29, 2010 at 11:37 am

For many tech gizmos, 2010 might be seen as the year of eBooks and eBook readers. The introduction of the iPad and other eReaders has changed the publishing landscape. The same can’t necessarily be said for Google, which although they continue to be dominant in search, has launched some products recently that’s left much to be desired. Google Wave and the Google Nexus One, are a couple of their products that bit the dust. However, Google has now launched another new product, an eBookstore, just in time for the holidays; but could we see another Google product fall into oblivion in the near future?

The competition in the eBook industry has heated up in the last few months with so many different companies getting in on the latest trend in technology. Google is the latest to tap into it, offering an alternative for the traveler who would much rather grip onto their eBook reader or iPad, rather than a magazine or book. Google’s eBookstore recently launched in the U.S., featuring a library of over three million titles. All you’ll typically need is a device with an Internet connection, since most new wireless devices offer their own eReader apps and software.

What may be one of the best features of Google’s eBookstore is that from the looks of it, they are looking out for the little people. Google has teamed up with many small Independent booksellers, meaning you might find titles you wouldn’t normally find elsewhere. The look of their eBookstore is very crisp, but simple, and offers many free titles, such as A Tale of Two Cities, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and Pride and Prejudice.

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