How to Protect Your Home? Robotic Dinosaur, Duh!

Travel News — By spencerspellman on February 2, 2011 at 8:16 am

If you haven’t noticed, here at NileGuide Headquarters, we like technology. Whether it’s a new gadget, application, or automobile, we swoon over the things we wish we could’ve come up with. However, the latest gadget we’ve come across has us just a little puzzled. It’s a robotic dinosaur, meant to protect your home while away on vacation.

When we first saw the title: Robotic Dinosaur Home Security Systems, we had to scroll back up and make sure this wasn’t The Onion. Lo and behold, according to Geekologie, someone created a robotic dinosaur, meant to serve as your home security system while you’re away on vacation. While we agree this is probably a better idea than duct taping video cameras to your chihuahuas’ head (NileGuide cannot be held responsible for any injuries, burglaries, or other shenanigans that occur as a result of taping a video camera to your pet), we’re not sure it counts as a “good idea”.


An idea years in the making, the Guard Dragon doesn’t look like it has any plans of effectively materializing. While makers jumped at the idea of making this a full-line of robotic guard dinosaurs, they failed to take into consideration that they were making it after the world’s slowest dinosaur, the triceratops. Of course anyone who has ever watched Jurassic Park or The Land Before Time would’ve known this. According to Geekologie, the dragons ┬áretailed for nearly $20,000. While an Ebay search didn’t produce any results, we found out that you can bid on a 1988 Transformer Terrorcon Dragon for approximately $15.

[Photo courtesy of Liz Henry]

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