Local “Tourists” Rejoice: Best of NFT Comes to the Kindle

Travel News, Travel Tips — By Zain Iqbal on February 2, 2011 at 2:56 pm

For those of you who have ever made a move to a major city, there are three steps you must take to ensure a smooth transition into your new surroundings. One: find an apartment or house in or as close to a neighborhood as possible that fits your lifestyle (e.g., if you’re a hipster moving to NYC, these days you might find yourself comfortable in Greenpoint rather than Williamsburg. Want to continue your days of college-like partying in San Francisco? Sorry kids, the Marina is passé. Polk Street is in.) Two: Find a local bar or coffeeshop to work from, or work at. Three: avoid looking like a tourist.

Not For Tourists guides — affectionately called NFT’s to avoid even a mention of the word tourist — have helped newbies in major American cities blend into their surroundings, find what neighborhoods to check out, and even have tips on how to talk the talk. Quoth NFT: never call Chicago “the Windy City”. NYC shall never be referred to as “The Big Apple”. And please, refrain from calling San Francisco “San Fran” or worse, “Frisco” (ed note: BLECH).

Little tips like these get us excited about their latest book, NFT: Collected Essays 2005-2010. Editors Jane Pirone and Rob Tallia have pulled together 40 of some of the best quips, quotes, and queries from the last 5 years; everything from what to do with teetotalling in-laws to finding a swinger’s club in your neighborhood. Amazon is currently offering this e-book exclusively on the Kindle, so if you’re in need of some spring travel inspiration, you can check it out here.

Didn’t get a Kindle as a holiday gift this year? Fear not. If you have an iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, or any of the other myriad devices out there, just download the free Kindle app and get reading. The brilliant bonus of all this? You’ll really blend in on the Subway, L, Metro, or Muni reading your Best of NFT while ignoring all the other passengers. Just be sure to stifle your laughs. Only tourists show their emotions on public transportation.

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