Stranded Grand Piano Stirs Up Mystery, Puns

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on February 3, 2011 at 9:10 am

It’s a startling sight: last week a 650lbs grand piano mysteriously turned up on a sandbar in the Florida Keys. Just sitting there, all alone, with no indication of where it came from. It felt like the beginning of a sequel for The Phantom of the Opera.

Perhaps more startling was the UK Daily Mail’s delight in using every possible pun they could think of when writing their news piece. “It’s a tuneful mystery that has struck a chord with residents in Miami’s Biscayne Bay” and “the one thing authorities do know is that unless the instrument turns from a minor into a major problem, they won’t be moving it.” Okay, that last one is a little brilliant. Do you think there’s a pun handbook?

Unfortunately, this was no supernatural event or doomsday warning. A married couple by the names of Billy and Anais Yeager reportedly towed the piano to the sandbar at night using a homemade barge, and then rolled the piano onto the highest point of the sandbar so that it wouldn’t get washed away during high tide.

They’re filmmakers, and the stunt was part of the final instalment for a trilogy named Jesus of Malibu, a story about the power of music and uncovering the lies of the world. An “artistic revolution against the media,” as Mr. Yeager puts it.

Talk about unconventional marketing. If you wouldn’t normally bat an eyelash at such a bold, artistic endeavour, a creepy stranded piano would surely make you look twice.

The piano remains on the sandbar as a roost for seagulls. Until it poses a threat to people or wildlife, it won’t be removed.

[photo: flickr/JoshSemans]

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