Rad Video Alert: Man Captures Flight From SFO to CDG in Two Minutes

Travel News — By Zain Iqbal on April 8, 2011 at 9:41 am

Travel videos are awesome, but rarely do people really film the journey, much less the entirety of it, and much less the boring sequences aboard an international flight. Unless, that is, you’re the guy who managed to capture the essence of his entire Air France flight from San Francisco to Paris. Nate Bolt, a San Francisco-based researcher and artist, set up a tripod and SLR, and snapped a photo almost every thirty second for about 11 hours and came up with this truly awesome video:


While he notes that the takeoff and landing sequences are computer-rendered in order to comply with FAA regulations (even though they look pretty real to us) the rest were all captured, including this amazing aurora borealis over what is probably Canada or the North Atlantic:

But, as cool as this video is, Mr. Bolt isn’t the first to capture a flight like this. Flickr user James Leng captured part of his flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco using a similar technique, although a with a bit more of a DIY set-up (think extra pillows and blankets piled up to create a stabilizer) capturing everything from the small towns in the Midwest to his fog-filled descent into the Bay Area.

Still, Mr. Bolt’s mix of scoring and photo captures makes for an awesome and inspirational video. Who says you have to pass the time on a long flight with just magazines and endless games of Angry Birds?

Image: beepshow.com

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