5 Ridiculous Royal Wedding Souvenirs

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on April 27, 2011 at 1:45 pm

We’re just a single day away from the Royal Wedding, and while those words might incite nausea and eye-rolling in a lot of us, others are taking this special occasion pretty darn seriously. Collectors are some of those people.

And with a large amount of ridiculous paraphernalia being created for the ceremony, you’re sure to find a little something for everyone. Here’s a round-up of the weirdest Will & Kate gear we could find.


1. Viagra “Royal Virility” Beer – We’re not really sure how BrewDog managed to market their Viagra beer around the Royal Wedding, but somehow they’ve done it. Three beers are equal to one little blue pill, apparently, and they’re sold individually on the website for 10 GBP each. The labels feature words like “Arise Prince Willy” and “Celebrate Big Willy Style.” Whatever sells, right?

2. Knit a Royal Wedding – The only thing weirder (and creepier) than this product is the accompanying video. Yep, knitting fanatics can knit their very own wedding with this special kit…including the Queen’s lovable corgis. It’s like your very own party!

Image: Amazon


3. The Fridge – Yeah…we’re not kidding. Not a mini-fridge either, a giant limited-edition GE Royal Wedding refrigerator covered entirely in a huge Will & Kate portrait. The only purpose we can think of for this thing is to shock the hell out of your friends and scare away the unwanted visitors.

4. Will & Kate Teabags – A German company has created Will & Kate teabags for black tea. We want to hate these, but to be honest, we think these are perfectly adorable. Nothing like royalty taking a soak in your mug to start the morning off right.

5. The Kate Middleton Jellybean – This story was pretty widely circulated around the Internet, but it definitely needs to be included. A 25-year old found a jellybean striking a startling resemblance to Kate Middleton and intends to sell it for over $800 on eBay. You call it ridiculous, we call it smart.

Did we miss anything?

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