The Latest Hotel Trend: Submarines!

Active/Outdoors, Travel News — By Candice Walsh on April 29, 2011 at 10:02 am

Everything’s better under the sea…or at least some hotels certainly seem to think so. In the latest push for hotel’s to mix things up and get creative, the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island will offer tours in their new submarine.

The submarine named “Nemo,” aptly named for its clown fish orange-and-white stripes appearance, can carry the trained pilot and two passengers on a 30-minute ride around the resort’s coral reef for just $280 per person. Acrylic glass pods at the top of the submarine allow guests to a 360-degree view of their surroundings. We think it fits rather nicely with the hotel’s underwater restaurant, Ithaa…kinda like being a mermaid, but without having to have a tail.

Image: shannonkringen/Flickr

Perhaps this is a sort of happy middle ground for all the luxury hotels who have promised epic underwater rooms and so far have failed to deliver (other than Jules Underwater Lodge, which really is more of a “budget” thing). Remember how Istanbul was supposed to open a 7-story, 7-star underwater hotel in 2010 under the city’s center? We’re still waiting, guys!

Then there’s Fiji’s Poseidon Undersea Resort, which was supposed to open in 2009 to become to the world’s first 40-feet underwater hotel…but so far, no luck. 24 suites, luxury apartments and a special interior window film to block out the nosy neighbours…again, we’re still waiting. Poseidon Resorts seem to be accepting reservations anyway, starting at just $15,000 USD a week.

Better start saving those pennies.


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