7 Spots to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Around the World

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You might know it as the Mexican holiday that involves tequila, Coronas, and maybe a sombrero or two, but the special day actually commemorates a battle won by Mexican forces on May 5th (shocker, I know) 1862. Called the Battle of Puebla, the win against French forces was an unlikely one. With 8,000 French soldier to 4,000 Mexican soldiers, the French were much better trained and equipped – yet the underdogs prevailed that day.

Although the French came back a year later, eventually capturing Mexico City in 1864, the Battle of Puebla represents all that is tough, strong, and courageous about the Mexican history.

Whether or not you see Cinco de Mayo as a day to wave you nation’s pride – or just a day to celebrate with Mexico – people all around the world get into the spirit. Lucky for us we have our Local Experts to let us in on the best spots to enjoy the day.

1. San Francisco

What better day that this to check our SF’s vibrant Mission district and the celebration in Dolores Park?

Image: Irene./Flickr

2. Denver

The Green Chili Bowl Cook Off and a colorful parade are only two of the many things downtown Denver is planning for the 5th.

Image: Rob!/Flickr

3. Boston

Whether you’re a “culinary expert”, consider yourself “swanky”, or just want to party, our Boston Local Expert lays out the top places for every type of celebration.

Image: barcrawls.com

4. Las Vegas

Never outdone, many famous Vegas hotels and restaurants have special events planned for the 5th, including the aptly name T&T (tacos and tequila).

Image: Luxor.com

5. Chicago

Although Chicago might not be the place you’d think of first when it comes to margaritas, if you’re thirsty for said cocktail we’ve got the scoop on where you should go in Chicago.

Image: whitneyinchicago/Flickr

6. California’s Central Coast

Our every-classy Local Expert recommends taking the day to explore the beautiful Spanish landmarks and stunning, historic architecture that dot California’s Central Coast.

Image: Expat Bob/Flickr

7. Bangkok

Yep, you read that right. Bangkok has a ton of great options for Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the city’s most popular Mexican restaurants, including the vibrant La Monita pictured below.

Image: La Monita

Have a great spot that we missed? Let us in on your local secret!

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