KLM Wants to Put Your Face on Their Plane

Europe, Netherlands, Travel News — By Carlo Alcos on May 5, 2011 at 8:58 am

Modern technology is making it easier and easier to get your face out there. Some people even become instant celebrities by posting a video to YouTube. How would you like a claim to fame? On a plane? Wouldn’t that be insane?

According to tnooz, the Dutch airline, KLM, is plastering one of its airplanes with Facebook profile photos from its fan page. The idea came from the tradition of Delft tiles, where people in the Netherlands would place ceramic blue tiles — normally decorated with pictures of windmills and fishing boats — around their home.

Image: abdallahh /Flickr

The Facebook campaign is known as Tile and Inspire. Each person who has their picture on a tile also has the opportunity to include an inspirational message.

Anyone can place their photo on a Delft tile. Simply visit their Facebook page, click “Tile yourself”, upload a photo, then add your message and share it with your friends. You then have an option to be entered into the contest to have your Delft tile included on the airplane.

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