Hotels & Art Museums Team Up, Results are Beautiful

Culture/History, France, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Travel News, UK — By Candice Walsh on May 9, 2011 at 9:30 am

Hotels and art seem to go hand in hand, and the more creative the results, the bigger interest from the public…naturally. Around this place, we like to pretend we’re cultured too, and so we’re stoked to hear Le Meridien Hotels are offering a new Unlock Art program.

Le Meridien has created new partnerships with art museums to allow special access to contemporary cultural centers for guests around the world. All you need is the Unlock Art pass…which, conveniently, doubles as your room key. (Or the key doubles as the pass, really. Depends on your priorities.)

Just show up at the museum with your key card and you’re granted automatic access. So far in the USA, Le Meridien San Francisco is offering access to the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts, and the Le Meridien Philadelphia has a partnership with the city’s Institute of Contemporary Art. You’ll also find this sweet deal in Nice, France, and London, England, with access to the Tate.

Image: Alberto OG/Flickr

The key cards themselves are works of art, created exclusively by artists like Hisham Bharoocha, Sam Samore, and Yan Lei. These geniuses were all picked especially by the hotel chain’s global cultural curator (um, can we be first in line to steal his job?), Jerome Sans. In other words, Le Meridien doesn’t take its art lightly, so you can expect a pretty awesome art experience.

We dig this idea, and actually prefer it to the “shock tactic” used by other hotels to draw attention. Why? Well, it’s clear Le Meridien cares about the artwork it choses to promo, and it’s sorta a win-win situation for everyone. Hotel gets all cultural, museums get more business, artists get recognition, and customers get happy. Marketing at its finest!

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