What are the top 5 countries for friendliness, according to expats?

Canada, Local Insight, North America, Travel News — By Carlo Alcos on May 10, 2011 at 9:05 am

So, which do you think is the friendliest country, eh?

If you didn’t pick up on the hint there, we’ll make it easy for you: Canada. As reported by Yahoo! Travel, respondents to an HSBC Bank International’s Expat Explorer survey voted the Great White North as the most welcoming amongst 25 countries. The criteria was based on the “ability to befriend locals, success in learning the local language, capacity for integrating themselves into the community, and ease in which they fit into the new culture.”

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The survey asked 4127 expats in over 100 countries. Any country that had under 30 respondents were left off the list, leaving the top 25. Lisa Wood, head of marketing at HSBC Bank International, said,

The survey was devised because, as a business, we wanted to better understand the expat community and the issues and challenges they face whilst living or relocating overseas. Since the launch, we’ve watched it grow into the world’s largest survey of expats.

45% of expats polled in Canada said they go out with local friends as much as other expats, demonstrating how well they integrate locally. This was the highest percentage of all countries. Bermuda came second in the list namely due an ease with local language and culture. Number three was South Africa, earning points with its cultural diversity and welcoming nature to foreigners. The US and Australia rounded up the top five, going fourth and fifth, respectively.

For the full list of countries and photos, click here.

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  • Jason Hanley says:

    The US was number 4 worldwide for friendliness and welcoming foreigners?

    Have these people never gone through US Customs and Immigration?

    • JJ says:

      So true, the USA???? hahahahahha, give me a break!! Just have to arrive @ airport customs to have second thoughts about living there. Cops, etc. The only friendly people are waiters, sellers, etc. = the only people that´s taking your cash. The most greedy and superficial society.

  • Carlo Alcos says:

    Haha. Fair point.

  • eliana says:

    Myanmar, They are the most friendliest country I ever been visited.

  • yo macau says:

    They do have kind buds in Burma as well. US…. this depends on where you live…. Bronx, Harlem is not cool with whites moving in 🙂


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